UP - Uncovering Prospects in the city

About us

UP – Uncovering Prospects – is an annual event for high potential students of black or Afro-Caribbean heritage, held in Central London on 30th October 2018. Students will be graduating in 2019, 2020 or 2021 and will be interested in exploring internship opportunities in Professional Services and Banking & Finance in London. Through informative presentations, panel discussions and informal networking, the event offers attendees the chance to learn from professionals working at seven of the world’s top City firms. It is a unique opportunity for students to come along and find out what it is all about and discover the graduate programmes and penultimate year internship opportunities available.


Who should attend

Graduate and internship opportunities are competitive and extremely challenging; in order to attend this event you must have a strong academic background. All attendees should:

1. Be on track to leave university with a 2.1 (or equivalent)

2. Be open and enthusiastic about exploring an internship in Professional Services, Banking & Finance.

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Meet the firms

UP gives you the chances to engage with experienced individuals at renowned firms and begin to form an idea of where your potential careers may take you.

Every firm participating is a globally recognised organisation. Together, they work to make a positive impact and actively strive for equality and diversity in their respective fields.

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We bring together financial leadership and state-of-the-art technology to deliver investment strategies that make a difference for our clients. That’s why investors – and the businesses they work for – entrust us with trillions of dollars, and why global governments come to us for help navigating the world’s toughest economic climates. Join us, and you’ll be joining a firm that was built for these times.

The unrivaled breadth of our global platform—with more than 10,500 “feet on the street” in 6 continents—gives us better information and sharper insight into today’s rapidly changing and interconnected markets. And our ability to share and compare the information across teams and time zones helps us translate local insight in on part of the world into foresight—and action—in another. It’s part of what makes our people—and our clients—better, smarter investors.

We are One BlackRock. We challenge ourselves—and each other—to collectively raise our game. Diversity strengthens us; our best solutions come from the contributions of a group of talented and smart people, each playing a unique—and critical—role.

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Find your future at BP

Graduate and intern opportunities in engineering, science, business and trading

Developing and producing energy resources that benefit people the world over is our motivation – it’s what drives us. So we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable. Demanding more of the resources we use in an effort to create a more sustainable future.
So as society’s need for energy continues to grow, we rely even more on our vast team of talented individuals who come together and make everything we do possible. From pipeline engineers and automotive experts, to analysts and technicians – everyone plays a pivotal role in our success.
It’s our differences that power us. The experiences, skills and perspectives that make up our team all have their role to play. And when they come together, our future has no limits. And neither does yours.

Our programmes

Geoscientists sending sound waves through the earth to find new oil and gas reserves. Engineers building platforms in the ocean for extraction. Traders anticipating and reacting to changes in the markets. Everyone at BP is laying the foundations for future generations. As a graduate or an intern, you’ll be making a real impact and doing a real job right from day one, while making your mark.
So whether you want to be a business leader, a world-class scientist or a ground-breaking engineer, we have a programme to suit. For graduates, our 2-3 year ‘Challenge’ and supply and trading programmes will give you the skills and experience you need to succeed – whatever field you’re in. For penultimate-year undergraduates and postgraduates, our paid internships last for a full 12 months or for 11 weeks over the summer months – giving you a chance to gain valuable insights into how BP works as a business.

You’ll learn a lot as a BP graduate or intern. But most important of all, you’ll start a career path that can really take you places.

Who we’re looking for

You can discover your perfect fit with our online Degree Matcher – a handy tool that helps you choose the roles that are right for you. Find it at bp.com/degreematcher.

At BP, it’s about more than just your academic achievements. We hold your individual attributes and the personal qualities you can bring to our team with just as much regard. Our approach is built on teamwork and respect, inclusion and ambition. It’s this approach that means we can deliver excellent energy safely. And it’s these values that you’ll share.

Where to go from here

We’ve given you a good idea of who we are, what we do and what we could offer you. But to understand what life as a BP graduate or intern is really like, you need to hear from the people who live it. Visit our graduate careers site to get graduate perspectives on the things that matter. One day, one of them could be yours.

Careers Website


Facebook: www.facebook.com/bpcareers
Twitter: twitter.com/BP_Careers
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/1389


Start today. Change tomorrow.

As a leading professional services organisation, our work impacts at the highest level of global business. We help our clients navigate the ever changing business landscape and solve complex business matters, driving change for tomorrow’s working world. For smart, curious and ambitious graduates, working at EY offers the opportunity to change how world-leading organisations do business.

EY drives itself and its clients forward with technological innovations and disruptive thinking. Graduates who thrive on change and challenge will be in their element here. With 212,000 people in more than 150 countries, and an unrivalled breadth of opportunities, along with a vision to double revenues by 2020, at EY, graduates can shape their career their way.

Making an impact, driving change.

We depend on high performing teams of people from a huge range of cultures and backgrounds to help our clients drive innovations and make better decisions to improve their business. We don’t shy away from high-impact, future-shaping concepts. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit that values creative, innovative ideas above all to lead change. Ask better questions, and you’ll receive better answers. That’s exactly how our people discover better solutions and seize better opportunities. It’s a method that permeates our organisation, and one that we look for in graduates who join us.

Build your future, your way.

We offer graduate career opportunities across our four service lines: Assurance, Consulting, Tax and Transactions, as well as in Technology, Law and Actuarial. Whichever business area you join, you’ll have the chance to hone your skills, build your expertise and study for a professional qualification so that you reach your full potential in your career.

We support you at every stage of your studies and career thinking, helping you understand your own qualities to make the right choice about your future in business. As well as hosting on-campus sessions, we publish a wealth of useful content containing advice on career decision-making, employability and up-skilling, so that you are job ready.

We recruit students based on their strengths and potential, not just academic backgrounds. Exceptional training and development makes the most of your strengths, and a team-based business culture give you the support you need to thrive from the moment you join.

If you can see the change the world needs and are smart enough to be part of it, EY is a great place to build the career you want and make your own contributions to EY’s purpose of building a better working world.

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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base, including corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals.

At Goldman Sachs, you will have many opportunities to make an impact. The unique perspectives that our people bring to the firm and their shared passion for working on projects of great global, economic and social significance, help drive progress and create results.

Goldman Sachs is structured in a series of divisions: Executive Office, Finance, Global Compliance, Global Investment Research, GS Bank, Human Capital Management, Internal Audit, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Legal, Merchant Banking, Operations, Realty Management, Securities, Services and Technology.

About our programmes

From your first day, you will be immersed in a collaborative environment with people of all levels who share the firm’s values. Nearly everyone – from our junior analysts to our most senior leaders – is actively involved in recruiting talented people from a variety of backgrounds, because we recognise that a diverse workforce enables us to serve our clients most effectively and in the most innovative ways.

The diversity of talents and educational backgrounds in our people is crucial to our performance and business success. To that end, we are committed to an environment that values diversity, promotes inclusion and encourages teamwork.

Whatever your background or area of academic study, we value the intellect, personality and integrity of an individual. While an interest in and appreciation for finance is important, one’s personal qualities are key.

Number of employees

c. 30,000


Spring Programme
Students two years from graduation interested in Finance, GIR, IBD, IMD, Operations, Securities, Technology
Summer Analyst Programme
Penultimate year students primarily interested in all business areas

Work Placement Programme
Penultimate year students primarily interested in Finance, HCM, GIR, Internal Audit, IMD, Operations, Technology

Off Cycle Internships
Students needing to complete a placement as part of their degree interested in IBD in European Offices (not London), IMD, MBD, Securities

Careers Website


Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada is a premier investment bank that provides a focused set of products and services to institutions, corporations, governments and high net worth clients in over 100 countries.

We understand that the first steps in any career in finance are critical. With that in mind, we have the right formula to provide you with the opportunities and professional development you need to turn those first steps into a rewarding career.

You’ll be part of a company with a superior financial track record, credit rating and reputation. In fact, we maintained a high credit rating throughout the recent financial crisis.

Working at one of the world’s leading investment banks means you will benefit from the breadth of opportunity, depth of resources and quality of training that comes from our size, experience and strength. It will also give you the chance to work regularly with world-class clients and colleagues.

In short, we provide the essential components to get your career off to a great start.

Approx. Hiring numbers:

100 +

Application details:

For further details of our programmes and how to apply, please visit our website www.campus.rbccm.com 




UP, Uncovering Prospects, will take place in on 30th October 2018 at one of the participating firms offices in the City of London. The event is for students of black or African-Caribbean heritage finishing studies in 2019, 2020 or 2021, who are interested in exploring internship opportunities within Professional Services and Banking & Finance. The venue, map, dress code and specific agenda are confirmed to attendees once they have applied and been accepted on to the event. With an interactive and informative mixture of presentations, panel discussions and networking – this is a great chance to meet and learn from business representatives who are already working at some of the world’s top firms. It’s a unique opportunity to discover what it’s really like to work in the City, ask any questions you might have, and explore how you can apply to future insight days and internships before you finish your degree.


Our Stories

Year attended Uncovering Prospects:


University & course studied:

Economics with Japanese at the University of Birmingham

Which firm did you complete an internship with?

Lazard, Barclays, J.P. Morgan, BNP Paribas and Berenberg Bank

Why did you find Uncovering Prospects useful? 

Uncovering Prospects is a really good event, it allows students to learn first-hand from people in the firms. Not only people who had been working for a while but also the new comers too and how they entered into the firm. Having firms from different sectors gave a direct insight into the different opportunities available within the City and helped me gain clarity into the direction I want my career to go.

What advice would you give students looking to attend the event in the future?

Forget everything you know, that way you will leave the event having learned more than you thought you would. Be humble and ask questions. Make sure you ask different people the same question to get a range of perspectives.


Year attended Uncovering Prospects:


University & course studied:

Business Management at Aston University

Which firm did you complete an internship with?

J.P. Morgan (Spring Insight)

Why did you find Uncovering Prospects useful? 

I felt like the event gave students a platform to engage with firms and see representatives in career paths they want. Uncovering Prospects was a chance to understand which career I, or any other individual wanted to learn more about and go into.

What advice would you give students looking to attend the event in the future?

I would tell them to be open to opportunities and capitalise on the opportunities available at the event. If you are given someone’s contact details, follow up with them and build a relationship.

Year attended Uncovering Prospects:


University & course studied:

Business Management at Aston University

Which firm did you complete an internship with?

J.P. Morgan (Spring Insight)

Why did you find Uncovering Prospects useful? 

I enjoyed hearing from people who had similar backgrounds to myself. The way the speakers conducted themselves and spoke inspired me to want to be a part of an investment bank.

What advice would you give students looking to attend the event in the future?

Be open-minded. Do not arrive thinking you know everything, but arrive with the expectation to learn. Don’t limit yourself to one career path, as there are a range of different firms from different sectors at the event.. As an undergraduate, this event is your opportunity to find out more and figure out what you want to do. The more questions you ask, the more you will understand about the firms and their sectors. Make sure that you network effectively, follow up with any contact details you are given, connect with other attendees and business reps on LinkedIn and build those relationships.